Carl Schurz Highway Bridge over the Neckar River

“The completion of CARL SCHURZ BRIDGE marks another link in the rehabilitation of the Autobahn from Kassel to Karlsruhe. This bridge over the Neckar River eliminates a 10 miles detour through Mannheim, thus bringing USFET Headquarters at Frankfurt approximately one half hour closer to the 3rd Army Headquarters at Heidelberg.”

“At the instigation of Lieutenant General Keyes, and under the direction of the 7th Army, work was started on this structure by Company E 333 Engineers on the 2nd of March 1946, and completed under the jurisdiction of the Engineer 3rd Army. Company E with the assistance of 365 German civilians operating as the 500 German Service Unit overcame many difficulties including floods, break down of equipment, and loss of key personnel through redeployment. It is with great pleasure that I commend E Company, and the German civilians for a tough job well done.”

Colonel CE, Commanding
333 Engineer S.S. Regiment


  • Carl Schurz, fearless fighter for the common people was born in Cologne in 1829. During the German revolution 1848 he was one of the leaders who battled to establish a liberal government for and by the German people.
  • Upon the merciless suppression of this movement, he escaped to America becoming a champion of human rights. At the outbreak of the Civil War he resigned as Ambassador to Spain to become a General in the Union Forces, but after the war he exerted his powerful influence to better living conditions in the Southern States.
  • During his political life as U.S. Senator from Missouri, Secretary of the Interior, and later as a publisher he fought for civil service reforms, and a sound Government for the benefit of the average man.
  • Piles are cut off ready for capping steel.

    Setting Wide Flange Stringer Beams - 70 feet long - 39 inches deep.

    98 Foot Navigation Span over Neckar Canal looking toward Mannheim.

    Bridge completed except for bracing on some of the 22 piers.


    In the construction of this Two Way Class 40, One Way Class 70 semi-permanent highway bridge 1,544 feet long, 34 feet wide, the following materials were used:

    20,710 feet of 16 inches tubular steel pile driven to an average penetration of 35 feet. 22 piers of 14 piles each

    8,000 feet of wide flange stringer beams consisting of 114 beams average length 70 feet, depth 39 inches

    2,410 feet wide flange pile cap beams depth 20 inches

    23,825 feet of 6 inch steel channel for pile bracing

    15,748 linear feet of (1/4 to 3/4 inch welding beads)

    508,820 board feet of lumber used in decking, flooring, walk ways and hand rails

    7,700 lbs of nails

    Heavy equipment consisted of the following:

  • 3 Bulldozers
  • 21 Hobart Arc Welders
  • 23 Trucks 2 1/2 ton
  • 2 Pile Drivers
  • 3 Cranes
  • 3 Air Hammers
  • 2 Generators
  • 3 Air Compressors
  • A total of 275,000 man hours were required to complete this structure.

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