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September 19, 2019

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Hello and Welcome!

This site tells some facts about the history of the 333rd Engineer Special Service Regiment before, during and after its participation in the Second World War. Some photos could be found here as well.

The site is maintained by two Germans; a father-daughter-team. And in case you are wondering why two Germans are interested in the history of an American Military Unit, here's the answer: The senior team member (born 1947) is a GI’s child. Together they are anxious to get more information of their father/grandpa, because very little is known about him up to now. The main point is where he came from or where members of his family are living now. Meanwhile it's very unlikely that he is still alive...

OK, the former soldier's name is
Eddie White. Could you please take a few moments to check this site? First and foremost please look at the picture -- maybe you remember this man or you have an idea how you or someone else could help.

But even if you cannot help, please enjoy the site, we invested a lot of time to make it useful for you. Maybe you have some additional information to contribute, we would be very happy to take it for making this site more interesting!! And please don’t hesitate to contact us for telling us your opinion.

Roman and Verena Hartmann.